Countryside submit revised application for Bourn Airfield

Countryside Properties is bringing forward amendments to its proposals for a major mixed-use development at Bourn Airfield. Since submitting an initial application last year to develop the 210-hectare site, Countryside have worked closely with South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) on their vision for the Bourn Airfield community.

SCDC has recently adopted its Supplementary Planning Document for the Bourn Airfield site which set out the Council’s own aspirations for the scheme. Countryside has taken this on board in the ongoing development of their plans and have subsequently the amended application. The application reflects the key matters identified within the Supplementary Planning Document and, as part of the ongoing evolution of the scheme, will develop Bourn Airfield as a community-centred development.

Whilst the overall vision to create a vibrant community with sustainable living at its heart remains the same, there have been some changes which include:

  • Encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transport through adjusting the site entrance to allow for ‘bus ways’ and expanding green corridors and parks enabling wider pedestrian and cycle connections;
  • Providing a mixed-use area in close proximity to the eastern bus way stop allowing residents from nearby areas to benefit from the development;
  • Expanding the Country Park and wildlife corridors to provide increased green spaces across the development. Countryside believes this will contribute to a net 11% gain in biodiversity within the site; and
  • Reorientating the Village Centre to provide amenities and services for the local community more centrally within the development.

Commenting on the revised application, Andrew Taylor, Planning Director at Countryside Properties said:

Following the submission of the planning application in September 2018, we have continued to work with the South Cambridgeshire District Council and various consultees. During this time, the Council adopted its Supplementary Planning Document for Bourn Airfield New Village which sets out their objectives for the site.

“We at Countryside believe in working closely with the Council and developing the scheme cooperatively. Following our detailed consultations, it is clear that our vision and the Council’s are one and the same. The changes undertaken as a result of the Supplementary Planning Document reflect this shared desire for placemaking.

Our vision for Bourn Airfield has always been to create a vibrant community with sustainable living at its heart. From the provision of open space and recreation, to a sustainable transport strategy, we want to focus on making a community for local residents.”

Whilst the scheme has evolved, the core vision remains the same. Namely to:

  • Create a new village of 3,500 new homes, providing a mix of housing types and size;
  • Deliver a village centre to include shops, services and leisure opportunities;
  • Provide community services to include new health facilities, two primary schools and a secondary school;
  • Produce open spaces, sports and leisure facilities;
  • Develop strategic landscaping to deliver a high-quality landscaped setting around the boundary of the settlement and the retention of existing woods, hedges and water features;
  • Enable sustainable development and healthier living; and
  • Facilitate alternative transport with pedestrian, cycle and bus routes across the site.

For more information about the plans, residents may visit, email, or call 0800 038 5850.

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