Plans for regeneration scheme near Watford FC Stadium approved

Plans to redevelop an underutilised site adjacent to the Vicarage Road Stadium, home of Watford Football Club, was approved by Watford Borough Council on 11th March 2019. The scheme will deliver much needed homes and substantially enhance the visual appearance of the area.

The proposal which includes 30 flats will replace the print works and three shops along the road. The plans will substantially enhance the visual appearance of Vicarage Road and
contribute to the regeneration of wider area.

As part of the plans, Random Cafe will have a base at the Vicarage Road scheme. They legally collect food (waste) from supermarkets, restaurants and other sources, cook it up into delicious meals, and serve them to anyone and everyone on a pay-as-you-feel basis. Random Cafe is a not for profit project based in Watford which aims to reduce food waste, campaign to make our food system fairer and more sustainable, and support our local community.

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