Margate Estates’ plans for a seafront hotel get the go-ahead

Plans for a new seafront hotel in Margate were unanimously approved by Thanet District Council’s Planning Committee on Wednesday, 20th February 2019.

Margate Estates, the parent company of Dreamland, submitted their planning application for a 124-bed lifestyle hotel to fill the Gap Site on Margate Seafront in summer 2018, following extensive public consultation.

Over 400 local residents registered their support for the proposals, welcoming the much-needed regeneration of Margate.

Commenting on the decision, Aidan de Brunner, a representative of Margate Estates, said:

“This decision is an important step towards the regeneration of Margate. The new seafront hotel will create over 200 local jobs and help turn Margate from a day-tripping market to multi-night stay.

We can now build on recent improvements and continue working on a long-term plan to turn Margate into an all-year round destination. Putting bed-stock of sufficient quality and size back in to the town is an absolutely vital building block.

We’d like to thank the 400 local residents that supported our scheme – this decision shows that getting involved can make a difference.

Much remains to be done of course but councillors have sent a powerful message that they want to maintain momentum and secure Margate’s revival.

Exciting things are happening and we look forward to taking this next step together.”

The 124-bed lifestyle hotel plans include a restaurant and meeting rooms that will be open to the public. The proposal also includes a publicly accessible rooftop bar, with stunning views of Margate beach.

More information about Margate Estates is available at 

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