Plans for a new neighbourhood in Godalming get the go-ahead

Plans to provide much-needed housing in Godalming were approved by Waverley Borough Council’s Joint Planning Committee on Wednesday, 9th January 2019.

The application was submitted by Ashill who specialise in bringing forward high-quality bespoke developments which aim to complement their surroundings. The land has already been taken out of the Green Belt and now sits within the settlement area of Godalming, and the development is in line with Waverley’s Emerging Draft Local Plan Part II which earmarks the site for 270 residential dwellings.

Commenting on the decision of Waverley Borough Council’s Joint Planning Committee, Ben Boyce, Managing Director of Ashill, said:

“We are of course delighted to have secured a resolution to grant planning permission at the Joint Planning Committee meeting last night, although we recognise that the proposals have caused real concern with some local residents. Notwithstanding this concern, we are proud to now be in a position to deliver significant investment into this great town.

“We have been working very closely with local elected representatives, community stakeholders and members of the public to create a scheme that meets the local housing requirements and benefits the new and existing communities alike. We have listened to concerns raised and a number of changes were made to the scheme both before the application was submitted and during the application process.

“We have also been working closely with Surrey County Council and Green Oak Primary School to ensure that the development helps to secure the school’s long-term future, not only in terms of a fresh intake of pupils but also with essential funding for capital works to re-position and re-model the main entrance to the school and make internal changes to the layout of the teaching and support areas.

“There is an undeniable need for new homes in Waverley, and we have been careful to ensure the scheme provides a mix of affordable and open market housing that will satisfy this housing need for local people. It is also undeniable that this development will lead to increased demands on local infrastructure, in particular highways, and we have not shirked away from the need to deliver a comprehensive package of measures that will mitigate this increased demand. We are confident that the package of measures that will be delivered, will be successful.

“We are determined to ensure that this development will integrate in the best way possible and we look forward to working closely with the community, supporters and objectors alike, to ensure that the delivery of the scheme is handled in the best way possible. In particular we will be canvassing ideas for the possible uses of the new community building which will be delivered on the site.”

The proposals, designed by award winning architects and masterplanners JTP, will deliver a total of 262 new homes, including 78 affordable homes in the form of affordable rent and shared ownership, which will be available to local people and delivered and managed by a housing association, a country park and a community building.

JTP Partner Rebecca Taylor, said:

“We are delighted that this exciting project has been approved by council members. Ockford Park will create a new edge to Godalming that sensitively addresses the green belt and ties in to the existing community of Aaron’s Hill. A series of distinct character areas will provide a range of innovative new homes designed as a contemporary interpretation of the local Surrey vernacular.”

The proposals also include the provision of a new community building, numerous areas of high quality green public open spaces and will deliver significant investment in local education provision and other local infrastructure such as highways, offsite public open spaces, and health care.

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